Meyers Security Solutions

Meyers Security Solutions works with companies and government entities that have experienced the costs of product counterfeiting, or diversion, and are committed to reducing these costs, as well as reducing the risk and the consequential liabilities.

High Security Printing Customers

Meyers' first experience in providing high security print services dates back more than two decades to our first production of high value coupons and game pieces in the 1980s. Since that time our security print services have steadily expanded in their size, client base and technological sophistication.

When it comes to delivering security solutions to businesses and governments, Meyers is an industry leader. Using their in-depth knowledge and experience and their technological expertise, has put Meyers at the forefront of solving an array of security challenges including brand protection and product security.

Meyers Fiscal Stamp

Fiscal Stamp

A new program designed for States and Native American Tribes to maximize and protect fiscal stamp revenues.
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